The New World

Known as the Hesperaen Sea or sunset sea, this region was a beacon of hope and wonder just a few years ago. It was discovered (according to human recording) nearly 300 years ago by Dragnian merchants from The Old World blown off course and soon became a center of trade and exploration. The islands had rich land, mineral wealth and a welcoming clime; and drew seafarers from across Nuria. The Dragnians quickly explored and plotted the isles and brought back wonders to trade and study.

When large deposits of gold and silver were discovered on the Mainland, the Aeridorn empire made a concerted effort to bring these new lands under Aerin’s light. Where the Dragnians built markets, the Aeridrim built forts, and within a century much of this new world was under their sway.

The land now known as Shattered Sea can be broken into four distinct regions:

Since the Long Night and the Shattering that followed these lands have been severed from the world and now seems to exist on a plane of their own.

The New World

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