The Shattered Sea

The Calm Before...

The night passed without danger while the group finally rested and separated the treasures they had gained over the last couple weeks. Morning came hot and misty, and they made their way back to the ziggurat of the Firstborn.

There they were welcomed by the survivors, who had lain the Keeper in state within the pyramid. They returned the Hart to his side, and placed the periapt on him allowing her to regenerate the wounds given by the tiefling’s unholy blade.

When she had recovered enough to speak, she thanked them for their efforts. She repeated that their time was ending, and that the future (if there was to be one) belonged to man and his kind. She helped them decipher the Waste’s papers and her plans. They determined that the tie flings were going to create a chain of ‘created’ planes to find a path back to the planes of the Baorn.

In order to empower these rituals they planned on sacrificing lives. The Waste seems to have decided that outside of the Hart, the best source of power were 1000 ‘perfect innocents’, or unmarred babies. The map on the cabin’s wall seemed to indicate that forces have been busy ‘collecting’ these innocents as a contingency.

She also determined that the Waste’s recall returned her to her chapel on DiVolo, but her ultimate destination would be back at the Fire Lord’s side at Deepwater Creche on Naranjas.

Keller cast Sendings to Haikar, Veris and Orrin Zanthus warning of the impending trouble. Orrin acknowledged the kidnapping of the children, but did not think he could get forces to Narnjas in time.

The dragon said, “So the time is now, and the catalysts converge, I should like to bear witness to this event. And hope to tell the tale afterword.”

Haikar responded, “It is bad, and its right here. A giant whirlpool fills the harbor and they perform rituals on a platform hovering above. The skies are dangerous.”

Orrin Zanthus response is, “You always could find the hot spot in a furnace. Our forces seek the abductors. Perhaps some may join you before it is too late.”

They ultimately decided to take the repaired airship to the Creche to interrupt the rituals. The Firstborn Gharial has agreed to accompany and the Hart will go as well. The Keeper said if they need her, she will come. She will also give them a diamond for the trip.



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