The Shattered Sea

Mazes and Monsters

Reconsidering their previous decision, our heroes grabbed all four torches and made their way down the passage. Before they left, they noted distinctive cavings on the back wall that resembled the tumblers inside of a lock. Thye moved forward in the glow of Keller’s continuing Daylight spell.

9 mu zh copyThey soon noted a large hulking shape blocking the passage ahead. Further inspection revealed that it was made of brass and in the shape of a minotaur with a strangely notched axe. They pulled out the brass-shod torch and moved forward. Unfortunately as they closed the creature leapt to life, crashing its axe down on Ayelin and catching her, Norrick and Keller in a cloud of smokey. cindery breath.

Quill shouted that the monster was probably a golem, immune to magic and defended against everything but adamantium. The party pulled back at this and Gharial put up a Wall of Force to block the beast. As the monster basjed futilely against the wall, the party noticed that the light from the brass torch was washed out by the blaze of they daylight.

Keller dismissed the glow on his shield, and the creature returned to its position at the passage crossroads.

Carefully moving past the now-immobile creature, the party continued through the labyrinth. Led by dark-seeing eidolon they moved down several passages until they came upon another unmoving minotaur blocking their path. They could not tell what it was made of in the darkness, so they set up a mirror and threw lighted rock around the corner. This showed a large stoney minotaur, which roared as the light rolled forward and charged the eidolon.

The party chose to make a stand, and Ayelin, Norrick and Keller sooted their ground, with Ferris a few steps back with his crossbow. The monster slammed futilely at our heroes, while Norrick tumbled past it to set up flanking attacks and Ferris buried adamantine bolts into it. Once in position, the minotaur was unable to withstand their attacks and crumbled into rubble. Among the broken shards of the creature, Ferris spotted a long, thin stone shaft. This turned out to be a Staff of Slow.

Once again they made their way through the twisting maze. After several turns they came to a long hall with another still minotaur blocking the way. This time they determined that it was made of wood, and carefully moved by it in the light of the wooden torch.

Alaric stumbled as he climbed past, and fell into the beast. It lurched into action and fell forward on top of the summoner. Our heroes quickly surrounded the prone construct and began their attack. Ferris stood over the creature and sent several bolts into its core— shattering the magic that held it together. Within its core they discovered a Staff of Repel Wood.

Its strangely carved axe was destroyed with the creature, so there was no way they could try and open the ‘lock’ carved into the wall behind the fallen monster.

Several more turns went by, and our heroes came once again upon a creature blocking the hall. This one glittered of gold. Retrieving the golden torch from his haversack, Quill approached the creature, which stayed immobile. he gave the torch to Norrick, who carefully position the torch to cast a key-shaped shadow on the ‘lock’ carved in the far wall, revealing a flat, black space beyond.

Concerned that he knew of no golden golem, he urged the group to be extremely careful in passing.

This time they got past the statue without incident, and stared at the rectangular void before them. Ayelin used an Augury and learned that it would be beneficial to prepare themselves for imminent contact ith the Fire Lord, This they did, and stepped together into the blackness.

They found themselves in infinite blackness with no floor beneath them. Disoriented, Keller and several others began to plummet. Quill, who studies these things, shouted out that it was ‘subjective gravity’ and they could will themselves in any direction they choose. Keller and Ferris found this difficult to accomplish, and continued to fall. But they soon mastered themselves and broke their descent.

Getting their bearings, the party became aware of a swirling galaxy of stars several hundred feet away. At the center of this galaxy, a brightly clad tie fling sat cross-legged.

He turned to face the group,



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