The Shattered Sea

Down The Drain

Our heroes continued to move into the maelstrom while flaming wreckage rained down on them from above. Ayelin sped ahead of the others, followed by the trio of hobbits. Keller, Alaric, Glum and the Firstborn were behind and Alaric cast Haste to help them catch up.

While they flew over and into the whirling waters,Fighting with sea monster hroe7 desktop 1024x768 hd wallpaper 1018032 gigantic hellish worms leaped out and snapped at the them. One caught Quill in its grasp and dragged him into the churning water. Another leaped wildly at Ayelin and tumbled down the shaft, recoiling off something at the very bottom. Quill teleported to the base of the maelstrom and found himself hovering 50 feet above a thrashing mass of teeth and tentacles. He fired a scorching ray at it only to have it fizzle from the creature’s dark protections.

Above, Keller caught sight of the Hart leaping down and streaking by. Our heroes scattered to avoid the animal as it plummeted toward the enemy.

Quill summoned a fire elemental and it dropped near the creature and was swallowed by the surf. Keller dropped as well, and cast feather fall with a moment to spare— drifting down toward the creature. There was a strong desire to flee from its presence but he overcame the desire. Ayelin caught up, but could not withstand the urge to pull back,

Meanwhile, the Hart had crashed down and burst through the protective spheres of the beast. It was wreathed in holy fire as it tore at the central mass of the Mother of Oblivion. Ayelin noted the gap in the enemy’s protection and followed the hart to strike. Keller landed at the base of the creature and used Gentle Rest to stagger it. Unable to use its tentacles, it bit at him causing immense damage.

The fight continued with Norrick joining in and Ferris firing from above. Gharial healed our heroes as massive teeth and slashing tentacles lashed out. The massive beast seemed to try and swallow the hart whole, leaving it hind quarters dangling from its maw. Then, they saw the hart tense and both creatures began to rise up out the foaming surf. When they were 20 feet up, Gharial cried out, “we must go.”

They started to dive beneath the surface at the base of the whirlwind. Ferris was struck as he tried to get past, and both the hart and the mother rose up hundreds of feet into the shaft.

Our heroes found themselves floating peacefully in a blue-green sea. They could not see the surface or the sea floor. The water was filled with tiny bubbles and they found themselves able to breath and move fairly easily.

While they gathered their wits and made sure all had made it through the portal, they heard/felt a massive crash from above. Suddenly the water was filled with fleshy bits, tentacles and thick viscous fluid that did not disperse in the depths. They swam away from the destruction.

They began to search around for an escape from this place. Quill determined that as a demi-plane it was a set size, and that an exit might be found. While they began to search, Ayelin and the eidolon spotted translucent jelly fish surrounding their location. Deciding that they were drawn by blood, our heroes used their healing so as not to provide a tempting target.

This seemed enough to stop the creatures from approaching, and they continued their search. After several minutes of looking around, Quill found a pair of coral outcrops that seemed to form a ‘window’ between them. They could not see through the area from either side.



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