The Shattered Sea

Dark Wings in Daylight

The next dawn greeted the party with an unexpected turn in the wind. They had to tack the remaining distance to Naranja, maintaining their altitude at a few hundred feet above the ocean and relying on the sails to cloak their approach.

They decided to set the ship on a collision course with the floating platform and use it as a diversion to cover their flying assault.

Unfortunately, when they were less than five miles of the platform three gargoyles descended on the ship and began to attack the navigation spars. Our heroes leaped to the defense and Quill cast a fireball on the trio, which had virtually no effect on the steel-clad creatures.

ImagesFollowing their attack, two more creatures dropped from the other side, and one large four-armed creature launched two javelins of lightning at Quill, only to have them redirect at Ferris and explode on his buckler. The two then closed on the casters. Ayelin jumped out on the spar to engage the first trio, aided by the eidolon and a Spiritual Ally cast by Keller.

The flame-spawned gargoyle tore at the hobbit wizard, who cast a cold fire-shield to defend himself. This slowed its assaults, forcing it to attack Alaric as well. Norrick hopped on the rail to gain sneak attacks on the fourth gargoyle, but was sent tumbling by a mighty shove from the creature. Quill saved him with a feather fall, and cast fly to rescue the now-slowly falling rogue.

Glum the ismenni charged the beast and fought with the eidolon. The Firstborn Gharial reached out and swiped at one of the steel-clad gargoyles, catching it up in his crocodilian maw. Ayelin continued her fight out on the spar, slashing away at the other two. Keller stepped up to heal who he could, and noted the hart over his shoulder— extending the range and the power of his channeling.

The first of gargoyles on the port side was dropped by Ayelin and her spiritual assistants, and Ferris, Glum and the eidolon dispatched one from the starboard. A second is still grappled by the Firstborn, while the four-armed champion loomed over Alaric on the bow.



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