The Shattered Sea

Collision Course

Once we regrouped the battle continued. The port side gargoyle duo had no success, one trapped in the jaws of the Firstborn while the other slipped off the spar and fell into the rigging. Our heroes circled the trapped creature and rained attacks down on him. At the bow, Alaric, Ferris and the Eidolon (along with various summoned assistance) held their own against the smoldering leader.

He first turned his attention to Alaric and tore mightily at him with his teeth and horns. They countered (and Alaric stepped back) but he continued to press. His next assault was on Ferris, and sent him crumbling to the deck.

Meanwhile, the grappled gargoyle fell under our heroes’ combined assault. The Firstborn leaped down to face the remaining gargoyle, which had been unable to rise up from the rigging. It fled from the huge crocodilian toward the stern, staying below the ship and out of reach of the party.

The four-armed gargoyle moved to take on the others. Harried by mephits, spiritual weapons and the eidolon, he pressed the attack. Quill – hovering off deck – cast an Elemental Assessor at the beast striking it the multiple elemental rays. The cold damage struck deeply and shattered the fiery creature, and froze the remaining parts to keep it from regenerating.

The last remaining enemy tried to escape. He rapidly outdistanced the Firsborn and the eidolon, and withstood the attacks of Quill and Ferris. But when Keller dropped a second Flame Strike on the fleeing beast it fell lifeless from the sky.

Following that, the group prepared to assault the platform now only two miles away. The settled at the same altitude and were pleased to see the enemy was still unaware of their approach. They began preparing, sharing out Fly potions and and defensive spells.

The lunar whaleLess than a quarter-mile out, their ship spotted by the enemy. There was a frenzy of activity on the platform as tie flings began loading some arcane cannon and hastily erecting a shield wall. Not long after a flaming missile rocketed over the ship and burst into hundreds of trailing fiery snakes. Our heroes took this cue to rush below deck— leaving the hart to man the helm.

While our heroes rushed to the escape hatch in the hull the ship was buffeted by explosions, but seemed to hold course. Ayelin was the first to drop out of the bottom of the airship, followed by the others. Keller made the slowest pace with his air walk and was soon outdistanced by the remaining heroes.

Soon after their egress, the Thunderhead slammed home into the platform. Explosions and fires burst up from several locations on both vessels, and they seemed to get wound together hanging precariously above the maelstrom. Several tie flings were seen dropping from the wreckage, and the party watched with satisfaction as they were gulped up by gigantic hellish worms.

This faded quickly as one of the creatures leaped up from the waves and tore at Ayelin. The others tried to rise higher as the danger became apparent. Undeterred, Ayelin rushed down the maelstrom and spied the base— which seemed to end in a toothy maw. The airborne hobbits gathered together and followed her down, while Keller, Alaric, the Eidolon and the Firstborn brought up the rear.



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