The Shattered Sea

Bump and Grind

After examining the pane floating between the corals, they decided to make the leap through. They found themselves on a platform sunken down from a large chamber seemingly formed of shifting, grinding metallic panels. They spent a few minutes determine that they were not in immediate danger of being crushed, and moved up a stairway that shifted out from the the wall up into the main chamber.

A few feet ahead, the entire wall of an outcrop folded out into a gigantic snake in front of Norrick. The halfling and Ayelin leaped to opposite sides and began trying to stab through its heavily armored hide. Before the others could react it opened it maw and breathed a gout of steam down on the remainder of the group. Our heroes charged, and the clockwork beast folded back into the wall before they could bring it down, tearing at Ayelin with its metallic barbs and grinding gears as it went.

Steampunk dragonThey proceeded forward more carefully now, and it did not take very long before another beast dropped on them from a chute overhead. They tried to scatter, but several were caught in its steamy breath before they could separate. Coming at it from all sides, they hammered away at the heavily defended beast. Alaric summoned a Bralani Azata who added lightning as well as martial prowess to the mix.

While they focused on the snake-like construct, the first one reappeared from the plated floor behind them. It lashed out at Alaric while Quill stepped away from its steamy grasp. The surrounded creature finally fell to a lucky arrow from the Ismenni Glum, and the Azata did immense damage to the newcomer with a lightning bolt. Ayelin rushed in and finished off the monster before it could breath on the group again.

Our heroes regrouped and did what healing they could, and Norrick managed to extract two very large super-heated gems from within the beasts. While this was going on, Ferris spotted tow groups of creatures moving toward them. They seemed to be constructs as well, with multiple tool-ended arms. The group stepped out their path and the creatures moved to the fallen snakelike creatures, and began to start collecting parts.

Soon, a couple of the ‘mechanics’ started moving toward the party. They decided it must be the gems they were after, and sent the Azata off with them to lure the constructs away.

Besides the steam and shifting walls, our heroes chose this place to rest. They let the arcane casters sleep while the others kept an eye out for danger. The constructs worked tirelessly to rebuild the gigantic snakes, but their efforts were stymied as Alaric periodically summoned another Azata to lightning bolt their process. In this way, they managed to get a few hours rest in the hot, metallic chamber.

While the casters were studying their spells, a loud electric surge was heard from the far side of the chamber. This was followed by three tall, gangly creatures creeping across the shifting floor. Quill noted that they were dimensional shamblers, planar wanderers with an uncanny knowledge of navigating the Great Beyond. These three seemed particularly agitated in this impeded magic area, and nervously looked around expecting danger to leap out at them.

The party held back, and watched the trio pass. The shamblers moved to the edge of the room to avoid the mechanics at work, and while they did so our heroes discussed their options.



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