The Shattered Sea

Any Port In A Storm

Our heroes spent the night in peace at the ziggurat of the Firstborn, discussing their options. In the end they decided to sail to the creche and try to disrupt the Fire Lord at the ‘head’ of his plane-summoning.

Keller cast divinations and learned that it was not necessary to attack the platform at the top to stop the process and several small details about the enemies’ plans.

They set sail at first light. The Thunderhead hurtled across the mainland and quickly out to sea. Throughout a day of warm rain they traveled, and chose to moor the ship at night. The next day Quill felt a storm coming. They spent the day racing before the wind, keeping low to avoid the more violent wind shifts. Keller set course for Marjestyr and by late afternoon (with the additional boost of wind fan token) were in sight of the ruined Academie.

4121741 1349405640The storm was rapidly overtaking them, so they looked to set down in a pasture. Finding a clear spot east of the village, they sent Ayelin flying over the gunwale to secure the ship about 20’ above the field. While the sky darkened around them and rain began to fall in earnest, the party spotted large figures lurking beyond the edge of the forest.

They decided that they would try and engage the hulking beasts, whom they believe they fought more than a month ago. While discussing how they would do that, we broke for the night.



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