The Shattered Sea

Mazes and Monsters

Reconsidering their previous decision, our heroes grabbed all four torches and made their way down the passage. Before they left, they noted distinctive cavings on the back wall that resembled the tumblers inside of a lock. Thye moved forward in the glow of Keller’s continuing Daylight spell.

9 mu zh copyThey soon noted a large hulking shape blocking the passage ahead. Further inspection revealed that it was made of brass and in the shape of a minotaur with a strangely notched axe. They pulled out the brass-shod torch and moved forward. Unfortunately as they closed the creature leapt to life, crashing its axe down on Ayelin and catching her, Norrick and Keller in a cloud of smokey. cindery breath.

Quill shouted that the monster was probably a golem, immune to magic and defended against everything but adamantium. The party pulled back at this and Gharial put up a Wall of Force to block the beast. As the monster basjed futilely against the wall, the party noticed that the light from the brass torch was washed out by the blaze of they daylight.

Keller dismissed the glow on his shield, and the creature returned to its position at the passage crossroads.

Carefully moving past the now-immobile creature, the party continued through the labyrinth. Led by dark-seeing eidolon they moved down several passages until they came upon another unmoving minotaur blocking their path. They could not tell what it was made of in the darkness, so they set up a mirror and threw lighted rock around the corner. This showed a large stoney minotaur, which roared as the light rolled forward and charged the eidolon.

The party chose to make a stand, and Ayelin, Norrick and Keller sooted their ground, with Ferris a few steps back with his crossbow. The monster slammed futilely at our heroes, while Norrick tumbled past it to set up flanking attacks and Ferris buried adamantine bolts into it. Once in position, the minotaur was unable to withstand their attacks and crumbled into rubble. Among the broken shards of the creature, Ferris spotted a long, thin stone shaft. This turned out to be a Staff of Slow.

Once again they made their way through the twisting maze. After several turns they came to a long hall with another still minotaur blocking the way. This time they determined that it was made of wood, and carefully moved by it in the light of the wooden torch.

Alaric stumbled as he climbed past, and fell into the beast. It lurched into action and fell forward on top of the summoner. Our heroes quickly surrounded the prone construct and began their attack. Ferris stood over the creature and sent several bolts into its core— shattering the magic that held it together. Within its core they discovered a Staff of Repel Wood.

Its strangely carved axe was destroyed with the creature, so there was no way they could try and open the ‘lock’ carved into the wall behind the fallen monster.

Several more turns went by, and our heroes came once again upon a creature blocking the hall. This one glittered of gold. Retrieving the golden torch from his haversack, Quill approached the creature, which stayed immobile. he gave the torch to Norrick, who carefully position the torch to cast a key-shaped shadow on the ‘lock’ carved in the far wall, revealing a flat, black space beyond.

Concerned that he knew of no golden golem, he urged the group to be extremely careful in passing.

This time they got past the statue without incident, and stared at the rectangular void before them. Ayelin used an Augury and learned that it would be beneficial to prepare themselves for imminent contact ith the Fire Lord, This they did, and stepped together into the blackness.

They found themselves in infinite blackness with no floor beneath them. Disoriented, Keller and several others began to plummet. Quill, who studies these things, shouted out that it was ‘subjective gravity’ and they could will themselves in any direction they choose. Keller and Ferris found this difficult to accomplish, and continued to fall. But they soon mastered themselves and broke their descent.

Getting their bearings, the party became aware of a swirling galaxy of stars several hundred feet away. At the center of this galaxy, a brightly clad tie fling sat cross-legged.

He turned to face the group,

Shambler Handlers

Index dsOur heroes watched the dimensional trio creep across the floor and begin to climb a platform to escape the notice of the mechanics. They quickly prepped and rushed across the chamber to intercept them. Ayelin was first on the scene and noticed that one of the shamblers had ropes sewn into his forearm that led to the sewn-shut mouths of the other two.

She took that as a sign and attacked that one. The others followed up and tried to attack as well. Quill fire a scorching ray that severely scorched the beast, and Alaric summoned an air elemental to join in.

Seeing itself quickly being outnumbered, the shambler rushed to the edge of the platform and tried to jump across to a further stage. It stumbled and fell into the gap between the two platforms. Norrick and Quill gathered below while Keller and Ferris joined up began to air walk up and join Ayelin.

The group focused their attention on the dangling shambled and Ferris ended its life with a well-placed bolt. Ayelin tried to engage the other two, but they fled across the gap to the next platform, dragging the body of their comrade behind them. Norrick climbed the platform, Ayelin leaped across and Alaric elemental joined, cornering the creatures again.

Then the two vanished, but quickly reappeared at the base of the platform, at the and of the line attached to their fallen fellow. Once again, the found themselves surrounded and unable to escape.

Quill determined that they spoke a dialect of the Underdark and tried to communicate with them. They nodded understanding, but could not communicated with their mouths sewn shut. Keller tried to removed the line from one, who pulled away and tried to escape. For this it received a painful yanking. As a show of good faith, Glum hacked off the forearm of the fallen shambled and Keller held them fast.

When questioned, they told the party that they were indeed working with the Fire Lord, in exchange for witnessing him perform something “very interesting”. They also said that they were on their way back through the chain of demiplanes to escort the ‘woman’, who the Fire Lord wished to see his triumph. This they chalked up to mortal manly pride and they found it quite pathetic.

They offered to deliver the woman to our heroes to appease their pride, and even assist them to humiliate her. They would not shirk their duties, however, but would allow the party to follow them and kill the woman in front of the Fire Lord, as that too would be “interesting”.

Our heroes would not be swayed by their offers, and Ayelin turned to slay the shackled outsiders. She was quickly Held by Gharial, who would not let the party kill the creatures while they were bound. Unwilling to kill them in open combat, the party settled for gaining more information from them before letting them go.

After Gharial placed the shamblers in a Zone if Truth, the party learned that there were two planes separating out heroes from the Fire Lord— a giant sport and a maze. And that the exit to this plane was barred by a large door. Then they let the two beasts slink off to retrieve the Waste.

Moving on the end of this mechanical demi-plane, they found a large door covered with symbol tiles. Norrick found and disabled a cage trap on the door and tried to unlock the mechanism. He failed and the area was filled with a disorienting gas that limited his dexterity. This was quickly offset by a Cat’s Grace from Alaric, and he managed to open the doorway to the next plane.
Screen shot 2013 08 26 at 2.15.24 pm

Warned by the Shamblers that the defenses in the spore demiplane feared sunlight, Kelley cast daylight and led the group through a series of wood tunnels carved out of some massive plant form. Quill used dragon breath to burn a crater through the walls outside passage, and the daylight expanded the opening to an outer passage. Alaric summoned four lantern Archons to assisth and soon they found themselves dug through to the outer hisk of the massive spore.

They all jumped through to next demi-plane and ended up in a stoney hallway lit by four ever-burning torches, each shod in a different way. Warned by the Shamblers that they needed to use the torch light the key on the lock, they grabbed the gold-shod torch and moved forward down the hallway.

Bump and Grind

After examining the pane floating between the corals, they decided to make the leap through. They found themselves on a platform sunken down from a large chamber seemingly formed of shifting, grinding metallic panels. They spent a few minutes determine that they were not in immediate danger of being crushed, and moved up a stairway that shifted out from the the wall up into the main chamber.

A few feet ahead, the entire wall of an outcrop folded out into a gigantic snake in front of Norrick. The halfling and Ayelin leaped to opposite sides and began trying to stab through its heavily armored hide. Before the others could react it opened it maw and breathed a gout of steam down on the remainder of the group. Our heroes charged, and the clockwork beast folded back into the wall before they could bring it down, tearing at Ayelin with its metallic barbs and grinding gears as it went.

Steampunk dragonThey proceeded forward more carefully now, and it did not take very long before another beast dropped on them from a chute overhead. They tried to scatter, but several were caught in its steamy breath before they could separate. Coming at it from all sides, they hammered away at the heavily defended beast. Alaric summoned a Bralani Azata who added lightning as well as martial prowess to the mix.

While they focused on the snake-like construct, the first one reappeared from the plated floor behind them. It lashed out at Alaric while Quill stepped away from its steamy grasp. The surrounded creature finally fell to a lucky arrow from the Ismenni Glum, and the Azata did immense damage to the newcomer with a lightning bolt. Ayelin rushed in and finished off the monster before it could breath on the group again.

Our heroes regrouped and did what healing they could, and Norrick managed to extract two very large super-heated gems from within the beasts. While this was going on, Ferris spotted tow groups of creatures moving toward them. They seemed to be constructs as well, with multiple tool-ended arms. The group stepped out their path and the creatures moved to the fallen snakelike creatures, and began to start collecting parts.

Soon, a couple of the ‘mechanics’ started moving toward the party. They decided it must be the gems they were after, and sent the Azata off with them to lure the constructs away.

Besides the steam and shifting walls, our heroes chose this place to rest. They let the arcane casters sleep while the others kept an eye out for danger. The constructs worked tirelessly to rebuild the gigantic snakes, but their efforts were stymied as Alaric periodically summoned another Azata to lightning bolt their process. In this way, they managed to get a few hours rest in the hot, metallic chamber.

While the casters were studying their spells, a loud electric surge was heard from the far side of the chamber. This was followed by three tall, gangly creatures creeping across the shifting floor. Quill noted that they were dimensional shamblers, planar wanderers with an uncanny knowledge of navigating the Great Beyond. These three seemed particularly agitated in this impeded magic area, and nervously looked around expecting danger to leap out at them.

The party held back, and watched the trio pass. The shamblers moved to the edge of the room to avoid the mechanics at work, and while they did so our heroes discussed their options.

Down The Drain

Our heroes continued to move into the maelstrom while flaming wreckage rained down on them from above. Ayelin sped ahead of the others, followed by the trio of hobbits. Keller, Alaric, Glum and the Firstborn were behind and Alaric cast Haste to help them catch up.

While they flew over and into the whirling waters,Fighting with sea monster hroe7 desktop 1024x768 hd wallpaper 1018032 gigantic hellish worms leaped out and snapped at the them. One caught Quill in its grasp and dragged him into the churning water. Another leaped wildly at Ayelin and tumbled down the shaft, recoiling off something at the very bottom. Quill teleported to the base of the maelstrom and found himself hovering 50 feet above a thrashing mass of teeth and tentacles. He fired a scorching ray at it only to have it fizzle from the creature’s dark protections.

Above, Keller caught sight of the Hart leaping down and streaking by. Our heroes scattered to avoid the animal as it plummeted toward the enemy.

Quill summoned a fire elemental and it dropped near the creature and was swallowed by the surf. Keller dropped as well, and cast feather fall with a moment to spare— drifting down toward the creature. There was a strong desire to flee from its presence but he overcame the desire. Ayelin caught up, but could not withstand the urge to pull back,

Meanwhile, the Hart had crashed down and burst through the protective spheres of the beast. It was wreathed in holy fire as it tore at the central mass of the Mother of Oblivion. Ayelin noted the gap in the enemy’s protection and followed the hart to strike. Keller landed at the base of the creature and used Gentle Rest to stagger it. Unable to use its tentacles, it bit at him causing immense damage.

The fight continued with Norrick joining in and Ferris firing from above. Gharial healed our heroes as massive teeth and slashing tentacles lashed out. The massive beast seemed to try and swallow the hart whole, leaving it hind quarters dangling from its maw. Then, they saw the hart tense and both creatures began to rise up out the foaming surf. When they were 20 feet up, Gharial cried out, “we must go.”

They started to dive beneath the surface at the base of the whirlwind. Ferris was struck as he tried to get past, and both the hart and the mother rose up hundreds of feet into the shaft.

Our heroes found themselves floating peacefully in a blue-green sea. They could not see the surface or the sea floor. The water was filled with tiny bubbles and they found themselves able to breath and move fairly easily.

While they gathered their wits and made sure all had made it through the portal, they heard/felt a massive crash from above. Suddenly the water was filled with fleshy bits, tentacles and thick viscous fluid that did not disperse in the depths. They swam away from the destruction.

They began to search around for an escape from this place. Quill determined that as a demi-plane it was a set size, and that an exit might be found. While they began to search, Ayelin and the eidolon spotted translucent jelly fish surrounding their location. Deciding that they were drawn by blood, our heroes used their healing so as not to provide a tempting target.

This seemed enough to stop the creatures from approaching, and they continued their search. After several minutes of looking around, Quill found a pair of coral outcrops that seemed to form a ‘window’ between them. They could not see through the area from either side.

Collision Course

Once we regrouped the battle continued. The port side gargoyle duo had no success, one trapped in the jaws of the Firstborn while the other slipped off the spar and fell into the rigging. Our heroes circled the trapped creature and rained attacks down on him. At the bow, Alaric, Ferris and the Eidolon (along with various summoned assistance) held their own against the smoldering leader.

He first turned his attention to Alaric and tore mightily at him with his teeth and horns. They countered (and Alaric stepped back) but he continued to press. His next assault was on Ferris, and sent him crumbling to the deck.

Meanwhile, the grappled gargoyle fell under our heroes’ combined assault. The Firstborn leaped down to face the remaining gargoyle, which had been unable to rise up from the rigging. It fled from the huge crocodilian toward the stern, staying below the ship and out of reach of the party.

The four-armed gargoyle moved to take on the others. Harried by mephits, spiritual weapons and the eidolon, he pressed the attack. Quill – hovering off deck – cast an Elemental Assessor at the beast striking it the multiple elemental rays. The cold damage struck deeply and shattered the fiery creature, and froze the remaining parts to keep it from regenerating.

The last remaining enemy tried to escape. He rapidly outdistanced the Firsborn and the eidolon, and withstood the attacks of Quill and Ferris. But when Keller dropped a second Flame Strike on the fleeing beast it fell lifeless from the sky.

Following that, the group prepared to assault the platform now only two miles away. The settled at the same altitude and were pleased to see the enemy was still unaware of their approach. They began preparing, sharing out Fly potions and and defensive spells.

The lunar whaleLess than a quarter-mile out, their ship spotted by the enemy. There was a frenzy of activity on the platform as tie flings began loading some arcane cannon and hastily erecting a shield wall. Not long after a flaming missile rocketed over the ship and burst into hundreds of trailing fiery snakes. Our heroes took this cue to rush below deck— leaving the hart to man the helm.

While our heroes rushed to the escape hatch in the hull the ship was buffeted by explosions, but seemed to hold course. Ayelin was the first to drop out of the bottom of the airship, followed by the others. Keller made the slowest pace with his air walk and was soon outdistanced by the remaining heroes.

Soon after their egress, the Thunderhead slammed home into the platform. Explosions and fires burst up from several locations on both vessels, and they seemed to get wound together hanging precariously above the maelstrom. Several tie flings were seen dropping from the wreckage, and the party watched with satisfaction as they were gulped up by gigantic hellish worms.

This faded quickly as one of the creatures leaped up from the waves and tore at Ayelin. The others tried to rise higher as the danger became apparent. Undeterred, Ayelin rushed down the maelstrom and spied the base— which seemed to end in a toothy maw. The airborne hobbits gathered together and followed her down, while Keller, Alaric, the Eidolon and the Firstborn brought up the rear.

Dark Wings in Daylight

The next dawn greeted the party with an unexpected turn in the wind. They had to tack the remaining distance to Naranja, maintaining their altitude at a few hundred feet above the ocean and relying on the sails to cloak their approach.

They decided to set the ship on a collision course with the floating platform and use it as a diversion to cover their flying assault.

Unfortunately, when they were less than five miles of the platform three gargoyles descended on the ship and began to attack the navigation spars. Our heroes leaped to the defense and Quill cast a fireball on the trio, which had virtually no effect on the steel-clad creatures.

ImagesFollowing their attack, two more creatures dropped from the other side, and one large four-armed creature launched two javelins of lightning at Quill, only to have them redirect at Ferris and explode on his buckler. The two then closed on the casters. Ayelin jumped out on the spar to engage the first trio, aided by the eidolon and a Spiritual Ally cast by Keller.

The flame-spawned gargoyle tore at the hobbit wizard, who cast a cold fire-shield to defend himself. This slowed its assaults, forcing it to attack Alaric as well. Norrick hopped on the rail to gain sneak attacks on the fourth gargoyle, but was sent tumbling by a mighty shove from the creature. Quill saved him with a feather fall, and cast fly to rescue the now-slowly falling rogue.

Glum the ismenni charged the beast and fought with the eidolon. The Firstborn Gharial reached out and swiped at one of the steel-clad gargoyles, catching it up in his crocodilian maw. Ayelin continued her fight out on the spar, slashing away at the other two. Keller stepped up to heal who he could, and noted the hart over his shoulder— extending the range and the power of his channeling.

The first of gargoyles on the port side was dropped by Ayelin and her spiritual assistants, and Ferris, Glum and the eidolon dispatched one from the starboard. A second is still grappled by the Firstborn, while the four-armed champion loomed over Alaric on the bow.

Unfriendly welcome

Forest ogre by guzboroda d4mj5xjKeller tried to steady the airship in the field while Ayelin headed off to tie her down, with Ferris on her back for cover. She tied off four ropes before returning to the ship. When they had made it back about half way, a rope snapped and the ship lurched forward. They saw a couple of dark figures lurking beyond the tree-line in the storm. Keller cast Daylight to brighten the clearing, and Quill sent a lightning bolt into the woods striking two huge ogres. Ayelin dropped to the ground, and Ferris fired bolts into the rolling beasts.

Looking around, Ayelin spotted several other figures in the trees and moved toward them. A floating shimmered into existence and cut another rope, but no hand seemed to guide it. Keller saw that it was a spiritual weapon and counter spelled it. One of the electrified ogres turned and charged at Ferris, bringing his gigantic club down on him. Norrick leaped from the deck and struck deep into the creature.

Seeing others in the shadows, Quill dropped a fireball into the trees, setting a couple alight. Ayelin and Alaric’s eidolon charged into the brush to face an immense ogre in chain mail. Before they could strike, Keller engulfed it in a pillar of holy fire. Weakened by the strike, the two quickly brought the shaman down.

Ferris and Norrick dispatched the remainder and soon only the storm could be heard in the clearing. The rooted through the bodies, finding trophies that had been gathered from locations across the former academy. And a large wooden chest that seemed to hold a consistent chill. Re-storing their ale in the case, they prepped the ship to continue their flight.

Keller cast Sending to reach out to Haikar and Daebor. They agreed to scry Daebor as he scouted the enemy outpost in the morning. From the sky, he explained that a large platform hovered over a growing maelstrom and that the Fire Lord himself descends into the pit, returning no more than once per day. He added that the Waste has not been seen on site.

The storm blew itself out in the night, and they set out at first light. Their progress was slowed by their unfamiliarity with the ship, and Alaric used a fan token to help make up for it. When night settled, they tried to continue to make progress, moving when they could.

On the second day out, their engineering troubles continued but the weather held. They scried Daebor again, seeing a cave filled with skulls. They were introduced to the ‘elders’ and one skull even talked to them, derisively, and offered some small advice on their progress.

Sun set over the Thunderhead. The party believes they are but a couple hundred miles from Creche. They believe that the Fire Lord performs his rituals at the darkest part of the night. The moment of truth is nigh upon them.

Any Port In A Storm

Our heroes spent the night in peace at the ziggurat of the Firstborn, discussing their options. In the end they decided to sail to the creche and try to disrupt the Fire Lord at the ‘head’ of his plane-summoning.

Keller cast divinations and learned that it was not necessary to attack the platform at the top to stop the process and several small details about the enemies’ plans.

They set sail at first light. The Thunderhead hurtled across the mainland and quickly out to sea. Throughout a day of warm rain they traveled, and chose to moor the ship at night. The next day Quill felt a storm coming. They spent the day racing before the wind, keeping low to avoid the more violent wind shifts. Keller set course for Marjestyr and by late afternoon (with the additional boost of wind fan token) were in sight of the ruined Academie.

4121741 1349405640The storm was rapidly overtaking them, so they looked to set down in a pasture. Finding a clear spot east of the village, they sent Ayelin flying over the gunwale to secure the ship about 20’ above the field. While the sky darkened around them and rain began to fall in earnest, the party spotted large figures lurking beyond the edge of the forest.

They decided that they would try and engage the hulking beasts, whom they believe they fought more than a month ago. While discussing how they would do that, we broke for the night.

The Calm Before...

The night passed without danger while the group finally rested and separated the treasures they had gained over the last couple weeks. Morning came hot and misty, and they made their way back to the ziggurat of the Firstborn.

There they were welcomed by the survivors, who had lain the Keeper in state within the pyramid. They returned the Hart to his side, and placed the periapt on him allowing her to regenerate the wounds given by the tiefling’s unholy blade.

When she had recovered enough to speak, she thanked them for their efforts. She repeated that their time was ending, and that the future (if there was to be one) belonged to man and his kind. She helped them decipher the Waste’s papers and her plans. They determined that the tie flings were going to create a chain of ‘created’ planes to find a path back to the planes of the Baorn.

In order to empower these rituals they planned on sacrificing lives. The Waste seems to have decided that outside of the Hart, the best source of power were 1000 ‘perfect innocents’, or unmarred babies. The map on the cabin’s wall seemed to indicate that forces have been busy ‘collecting’ these innocents as a contingency.

She also determined that the Waste’s recall returned her to her chapel on DiVolo, but her ultimate destination would be back at the Fire Lord’s side at Deepwater Creche on Naranjas.

Keller cast Sendings to Haikar, Veris and Orrin Zanthus warning of the impending trouble. Orrin acknowledged the kidnapping of the children, but did not think he could get forces to Narnjas in time.

The dragon said, “So the time is now, and the catalysts converge, I should like to bear witness to this event. And hope to tell the tale afterword.”

Haikar responded, “It is bad, and its right here. A giant whirlpool fills the harbor and they perform rituals on a platform hovering above. The skies are dangerous.”

Orrin Zanthus response is, “You always could find the hot spot in a furnace. Our forces seek the abductors. Perhaps some may join you before it is too late.”

They ultimately decided to take the repaired airship to the Creche to interrupt the rituals. The Firstborn Gharial has agreed to accompany and the Hart will go as well. The Keeper said if they need her, she will come. She will also give them a diamond for the trip.

Fire in the Hold

Gathering the wounded and fallen on the deck of the Thunderhead, our heroes did what healing they could. All but Ayelin and Greyshanks recovered and they began to search for a means to take control of the drifting airship. Soon the Ismenni Glum and the Firstborn Gharial had made it aboard the ship to assist.

Listening at a barred hatch amidships, Quill heard the thrum of machinery and some disturbing banging. He shouted greetings through the door in every language he knew (which is several), and got a threatening response in Ignan, the language of fire. The banging was growing in intensity and the group feared whatever was in the cabin might be damaging the ship, while they chanted for freedom. When our heroes pulled off the bar, three large mephitis burst out onto the deck.

Two were immediately dismissed by gems found on the fallen tiefling wizard, and the third was swiftly dropped by the combined efforts of Ferris and Quill.

Inside the ‘engine room’ they found four small furnaces with clockwork and vents going out toward the ship’s workings. There were also posted diagrams the gave insight into how the machinery functioned, although the descriptions were written in the language of demons.

1316919151 action 28 throughout the ship, Norrick and Quill rooted through the cabins and bunks of the crew. In one stateroom they found a hidden rope that seemingly led nowhere. Pulling on it, Norrick was engulfed in a gout of flame but deftly rolled away. Following the rush a fiery elemental burst out of some kind of portal into the small cabin. Norrick shouted alarms and fled for ‘help’, while Quill was overrun by the magical creature. The monster chased Norrick into the open hold, where it was greeted by Ferris’ bolts and a bearded devil summoned by Alaric. It lashed and burned, but it could not stand against the combined group and was soon vanquished.

Within the fire-shrouded portal the devil returned a warded steel box that contained the tiefling fire mage’s spell book and a wand floating disk. The rest of the lower cabins contained stores and small treasures, but no great power or answers. There was, however, a heavy steel safe that contained 26 bricks of salamander’s breath.

Returning the high cabin, Norrick uncovered and disabled a Symbol of Death before anyone was harmed. Inside the sumptuous chamber they found the Waste’s belongings and several of her papers, including the matching journey book to the one the party carries. They also found a sehenstone used by the fire mages and promptly wrapped it tightly in cloth.

There was a chest hidden beneath a bench in the stern, and Keller noted it was infested with mind worms. They drenched it in brining water from the hold to kill the worms and Norrick opened the lock. Within were a great number of treasures for trade and for use in this forbidding jungle.

The papers held official orders from the Fire Lord and a personal note to the Waste that said, “We have all faith in your success my radiant star, but we will have others preparing the contingency. Perhaps the best use of these soft indigenous forms.”

Other notes were written in the spidery hand of the creature known as Kharsus Fantoul. They detail several small demiplanes and explore the idea that one could create a bridge back to their home plane by ‘hopping’ from plane to plane. The details were written in code (as well as in Abyssal) and were beyond the party’s understanding at the moment.

There was also a large armoire that radiated abjuration and necromantic magic, but they chose not to disturb it for now.

Our heroes, who had been slowly tacking back toward the ziggurat, chose to moor the airship and rest for the evening. They plan to return to draconal in the morning and to more thoroughly review the Waste’s papers after spending more time digging through the code (and learning Abyssal).


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