M isleFounded two generations ago to address the lack of ‘secular’ magical education within the Hesperean realms, the Academie at Marjestyr had risen to a level of prominence before the Long Night and the Shattering that followed.

Rather than train students within schools of magic or try to advance their own agendas like many individual masters do, the Academie strove to teach the principles that magic was built on and guide their students to their own goals. It was led by four masters whose research was centered on one of these building blocks: The Master of Spheres who studied the makeup of the multiverse, the Master of Portents who pored over prophecy and the senses, the Master of Elements who cataloged the shapes and uses of the physical world and the Master of Lore who compiled all the knowledge of the others and mastered the use and structure of the mind.

In addition to the many wizards trained by the Academie it was widely revered for its Library, one of the few and easily one of the most complete storehouses of writings in the islands. It was also one of the few places that held any information about the state of the islands before the arrival of the first Dragnians.

Given it prominence, it is no surprise that it was targeted for destruction by the invaders. The Master deduced this, and scattered the students and themselves before the enemy warships could arrive. They also managed to seal off the Library from the invaders (or anyone) who tried to breach it protections. In frustration, the tieflings unleashed great devastation on the mostly uninhabited Marjestyr, cracking the earth and flooding a large part of the adjecent village.

Since the shattering, the isle has remained mostly abandoned, only occasionally visited by those seeking lost friends or hidden treasures. The buildings and village are begin reclaimed by the jungle, and only the small Library and its wards remain undiminished.


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