The Shattered Sea

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The Story So Far

Our story (or at least these chapters) began at months after the Long Night in the small Tortillan port of Tankard Town. Our heroes were contracted by once-prosperous merchant Aubrek Drallion to aid in the recovery of his lost flagship, the Laurel Crown.

Before embarking on this journey they bulked up their crew, adding elven cousins Haikar and Smiles. The new crew set off to salvage the Crown. They made a brief stop at a floating market known as Pelican Cay and befriended a group of kobold alchemists, even defending them when violence broke out.

When they discovered the foundering wreck of the Laurel Crown, it had been taken over by a fouled troglodyte druid and his obscene pestilent god. Fighting through giant insects, undead and even a crazed demonic squid the party failed to save the ship, but rescued Drallion’s most precious cargo.

Soon after their victory they were visited by Kharsus Fantoul, whom they thought they had killed in a fire. This burned and wracked shape arrived on a skeletal wyvern and demanded a ring they ‘stolen’ from an agent of his. They did not have it, but Fantoul pulled its location from their minds and disappeared off to Propserity Cay to get his ring from the halflings there.

They set off to Saltmeadow port to make the most of their gains. Unfortunately, they ran afoul of the trifling guardsmen almost immediately, spilling blood, and had to flee to town. Not before they warned the hobbits to destroy the ring and foil Fantoul. Drallion and Quill stayed and set up a rendezvous to sell the party’s loot. There he met the gnome Dokken and Clangorn the dwarf, who enlisted the party to deliver newly smithed props to an airship fighting for the resistance.

They sailed to the island of Donatel and struck into the jungle to find the lost airship. There they came upon a strange idol worshiped by strange chuuls. Our heroes defeated the hideous crayfish, rescued the crew of the airship Soaring Anvil and delivered the props. They were then enlisted to help ‘liberate’ a store of fuel called Salamander Breath from a former dwarves trading post on the far side of the isle.

This outpost was currently being held by a tiefling fire mage and his cohorts. The party fought their way through his defenses and defeated him and his pet pyrohydra, only to be caught in the act by some force on the far side of a keyed scrying device known as a Sehenstone. Our heroes took the device to a town called Gullet on the island of Laenart to dispose of it with an old ally of the airship captain Aard.

When they arrived they found this ally. Nils Dekovya, planning a siege against the nearby mining community of Pirren’s Bluff. Dekovya convinced the party to travel ahead of the army and dispatch the head of the opposing forces. After exploring many options, the party joined forces with mine owner who showed them a secret tunnel into the keep. Once inside they discovered the Baron was in league with devils and the sahuagin and they had to put him down. They quickly followed to the tiefling priestess that was ‘brokering’ souls in the outpost, who tried to negotiate with them. These negotiations did not pay off, and she had to flee, but freed her dragonborn servants on the way out.

The party brought the dragonborn back to Gullet and hid them in the local theatre where they were staying. The Gullet Mercantile League ‘gifted’ them with rule over nearby Roller Cay, an island primarily populated by pigs. They went to survey their new domain, only to find that some foul creatures had been attacking the pigs and forcing the swineherds away from prime pasture. Going off to investigate, the party found an otherworldly creature known as Qlippoth who was leaving behind ‘fruits’ that turned whatever ate them into ravenous acid-spewing aberrations. Defeating the creature, our heroes returned to Gullet, in preparation for a journey back to Prosperity Cay, to relocate the halfling colonists to their new domain.

When they returned to the theatre, the group was attacked by a group of blast shadows summoned through fires set for stagecraft. When the undead horrors were finally dispatched, the group discovered the words ‘we have not forgotten’ burned into the backdrop curtain with some kind of tiefling wizard mark below.

Undeterred, our heroes were to set out for Prosperity Cay at first light.

Blood and Sails

In the smoky aftermath of the theatre battle, our heroes regrouped. They learned from the dragonborn that the symbol burned into the backdrop was of tiefling origin, and discovered another rune-covered log. They took this information to the estate of Nils Dekovya. He seemed shocked at the attack, but was not completely forthcoming with all that he knew. They shared some of Vendikon’s brandy and bid him good night.

At first light the Selkie left Gullet on her way toward Prosperity Cay. The voyage was hot and rainy and largely uneventful. The night before they expected to reach the cay, Haikar spotted two ships off the bow, closing at full speed. As they got closer the party noted that they were in combat, with the smaller ship in the rear chasing the larger. The sudden explosion of fireballs confirmed this theory, and they decided to close in. Soon they discovered the rear ship was ‘manned’ by gnolls. They added a few fireballs of their own to the mix and together cracked the main mast of the dhow.

GnollsUnfortunately the two ships had closed by then, and the dhow rammed the larger caravel. A boarding party of ghouls followed the crash, to the surprise of the party (and the crew of the caravel!). Keller used water walk and ran to the rescue while the Selkie continued to close and rain missiles (magic and otherwise) down on the gnolls. Keller ran to the far side and came over the side in time to see three human standing off against 7 gnolls and three ghouls. He channeled the power of Kelemvor and two dropped. The Selkie came abreast of the dark ship and Haikar and Ayelin leaped across to her deck, while Quill dropped the gnoll at the helm with magic missiles. This leaves the priest alone on deck.

Tides and Portents

Our heroes waited for the Prosperity halflings (now known as Prosperity Company) to make their decisions, and accepted their terms. Hyacinth ‘Lady Cin’ Dormouth and Rollo Bellweather joined the Order and with six new halfling crewmen they returned to Roller Cay. While waiting, they discovered a log book that seemed to allow communication to some unknown commander. In the end, they forged the phrase “Sails on the horizon. Is that the Dawn Wind?” in the book and then hid it in Quill’s bag.

They were greeted by a strange scorched hole in the seawall and a group of herders at the dock. While they were gone, a galley from the Fangs arrived and issued a proclamation claiming their charter was illegal and any act of governance would be treated most harshly, fired on the wall and looted a haul of pigs. In the end they decided to have the halflings scatter among the dunes, quietly repair the keep, and lie in wait for the party’s return. They natives were not pleased by this turn, and refused to sign on to their charter, but accepted this new fact and left the Well behind.

Fresh winds came with dawn, and the Selkie set sail for Tamryn while the Ember (piloted by Raf) went to Gullet for supplies. In two days travel, they reached Long Island and were escorted into the ‘siege’. Through the course of the day, they were escorted through the ranks from the quarantined inn (Flotsam Arms) to the wizard’s enclave and finally arrived at the magical manse of Valen Zentus, the ‘father’ of Gullet priest Orrin Zentus. They explained their concerns and he was also forthcoming. He told them that Tamryn was important as a focal point, and that he would hate to ‘break’ the impasse for political reasons, but he appreciated their desire to retake the Fangs. In the end he agreed to help them in exchange for their cooperation.

He told them that a bronze dragon (Verisimil) had indeed been doing numerogical research at Marjesty when the library was sealed and had not been heard elsewhere so may very well be locked within. He added that their must be an hidden entrance made by the headmasters as the seal was to be temporary. The only headmaster he was aware of was Lagwyn the Celestine, the former Master of Portents. He has been seen at Pelintar Rock in Saltmeadow, where he appears to be serving the tiefling overlord, First Marshall Danduin.

We broke off as our heroes contemplated the risks of breaking into a tiefling stronghold versus traveling 1200 miles to possibly face an unbreakable seal.


Our story resumed in the pavilion of Valen Zentus, leader of the wizard’s enclave at Tamryn. He was offering to assist our heroes in their quest to get into the library at Marjestyr Academie. He told them that one of the school’s headmasters was working with the tieflings at Saltmeadow and that their was to be a large party there in the near future that might provide them access. He also gave them a set of Sails of wind-finding that (unfortunately?) flashed the emblem of the Dawn Wind when their magic was in effect. In exchange he asked that they not discourage any confusion this might cause. When they left the enclave, they noticed a large warrior arguing with the wizards and pointing at the party.
Returning to the ‘Flotsam’ they set about selling the minor magic weapons they had collected, in the end trading the lot for a circlet of Charisma to be given to Daebor.

Business concluded, they set to drinking. They soon noticed three burly men in similar surcoats to the previously angry warrior sizing them up. Keller took the direct approach, walking up and demanding to know who they worked for and why he was so pissy. Haikar smoothed over the moment with free liquor and they learned the man was Dannith Androzyn, the commander of the siege forces. His anger was based on the ‘presumption’ of the wizards and their disregard for chain of command. Uninterested in poking the hornet’s nest, they continued the flow of liquor and toasted the commander and his proud forces until all was well. During their debauch they were surprised to hear their exploits in liberating fuel for the Anvil in song, with Ayelin cast as ‘Lady Danger’. At the end of the ballad, they sailed off in the Dawn Wind, but the party thought that could be overlooked.

The next morning they set off for Saltmeadow and two days of steady winds brought them to the beach where they had made contact with the gnome Dokken previously. They sent him a message on a Whispering Wind, and scared off a small fishing boat that seemed to be lurking at the same beach. Missing a sunset rendezvous, they sent a second message, and this one got through. They left the Selkie with the halflings and followed Dokken to his shop in Saltmeadow Port.

Their first night they learned that in three days the First Marshall was planning a large festival to ‘celebrate’ the rape of Selune and the conception of Baor. There was to be many guests (including the seer) but the luminaries would be kept at a head table. The next morning they met Dokken’s ‘sea urchins’ who scour the rocks for items to sell in the shop, and they told the party the guest numbers were 244 and 24, and that there was to be a contest for a seat at the head table. They set off to the temple of the black sheet to hear the announcement, and visited the Serachle as well. They met with the druid they worked with before and saw two more raven brothers. They are waiting to hear the details of the contest before plotting any more aggressive means of getting into the party.

Old friends and new acquaintances

Action resumed at the Serachle and our heroes soon departed from the druid Bekaylen. They chose to split up, with Daebor and Quill waiting for the contest announcement and the rest going to check out the palace layout. On the way they noted the sign of the laurel crown and decided to visit their old friend. They succeeded in making him quite nervous and learning more about Saltmeadow society and who might be at the head table. Their recon was less successful, as the ‘Rock’ is perched on a narrow cliff edge and they could not get very close without raising suspicion.

The others learned (from tiefling herald/fool ‘the Ominous Thump’) that the contest would be a traditional Dragon Dance, where contestants try to find treasure (including invitations) hidden among hay while avoiding the dragon. They also learned that magical assistance would be dealt with harshly.

Regrouping, the decided to visit with the prophetic Raven Brothers. They found two at an inn called the Lone Harpy at the pricey end of the wharf. Their appearance seemed to make some of the local mercantile class nervous but the Ravens were welcoming, and offered to do a divination on-site for 1500 gp. When he returned (flustered) he shared that ‘the powers that be’ seemed vested in their success in meeting with Lagwyn, and that they should ‘use the children as their eyes’, ‘seek the center’ and ‘fade toward sunset’. They also suggested that the Ravens might be interested in meeting them and perhaps they should visit the monastery. They thanked the brothers and left (noting additional armed presence outside the Harpy) and went back to Dokken at the Reliquary,

Dokken gathered the children and gave them their orders for tomorrow, and the party sprung for some roast chickens and watered wine for the urchins’ pleasure, and took the gnome to dinner.

Dinner and dancing

The party took some time off and had a fine dinner at the Fatted Manatee, along with Dokken. Following the meal they spent some time in the common room to soak up the local news. Most of the talk was about the upcoming festival (officially known as the Maiden’s Misstep) and the fearful speculation about the banquet. Chatting up the locals, Haikar noted that an ‘honored guest’ of the head table was actually at the bar. He was a dwarf smith named Hof, who had the unfortunate distinction of providing the weapons that a tiefling officer used in the the winning of an honor duel and had since become quite popular among them. Tonight he was hoping to drink himself to death.

Keller approached and offered up Ayelin as a date for the event. He declined, given no real reason why this woman might be capable of keeping him alive. They persisted, and in the end he said he would do it if they paid 1800 gold to protect his heirs. This would have drained their resources and they weren’t eager to do so, so they were at an impasse. Later the musicians played ‘the Fire and the Anvil’ (with the new addition of ‘Father Bones’) and Ayelin noticed Hof’s interest in the tune. She returned and told him that she was, in fact, Lady Danger, and she was friend’s with the Anvil crew. This softened him and he agreed to let her accompany him to the banquet in exchange for their limited supply of the Salaman-durim.

When they returned, a group of urchins presented them with a place setting ‘lifted’ from the First Marshall’s head table. They paid the kids in pearls and tried to figure out a way to use them to send a message— or simply poison them.

The next day they went off to the Dragon’s Dance. The volunteers were broken into groups and sent in 8 at a time. The first cheater was scorched by illusionary fire from the dragon and a few people scored trinkets. The second group included Quill, who found a small gold dagger and watched two others get clawed with acid in the ring. He took his prize and fled.
The third group included Ayelin and Daebor. Ayelin thought she had the prize but it was trapped with a ‘Shout’ spell which she avoided, but it dropped the two guys behind her. Daebor thought he saw the prize as well but a tiny air elemental caused a vortex and spun it away from him. Before he could find it again, he was tagged by the ‘dragon’. Ayelin, too, fell to the beast.

I've got a golden ticket

We resumed in the middle of the Dragon’s Dance. The next group involved two bugbears who basically beat on people while an unassuming man collected prizes. The following group was unremarkable except for one man who tried to throw prizes to an accomplice and was choked by a black tentacle. In the interim, a Raven Brother appeared behind Haikar and gave him two feathers from the Ravens themselves, which could be used as action points. It ended up not mattering as the true hero turned out to be the formerly slow-ass priest— Keller Moorstaub.

Keller drove straight to the spot where Daebor had previously seen a glint of gold and began to search. The dragon was chasing others at first but was coming closer. Keller held his ground and two rounds later found his prize. Unfortunately, he was spotted by a quick-moving man who impeded his escape. Failing to avoid him, the noew-exposed monk attacked with a stunning fist which Keller withstood. The dragon closed on the duo. Keller stepped around, placing the monk between himself and the dragon. He avoided another stunning fist, and the dragon lunged out and tagged the monk. Keller fled, only too be tripped up by Grease cast by the wardens. He managed to right himself, and reached the exit only moments before a warden unleashed another spell at him.

The crowd went insane, and Keller went to the dais of the Black Sheet temple to receive their cheers. The priest Iskinn stayed very close and tried to share the spotlight, attracting the attention of the Seachle priests on the next level up. Iskinn invited Keller inside, but he deferred because he wished to watch his companion in the final round.

Haikar entered with a group of halfings and dock workers who seem to be working in concert. They tripped the dragon with a thin woven horse hair line, and deftly traded prizes to avoid getting tagged. Following the calls of the street urchins searching the ring, Haikar found silver token and tumbled and rolled away from trip attacks to reach the exit. He jumped the last 15-feet of the ring and avoided a mass of vipers that had appeared there. After that, Keller snubbed the Black Sheet priest to celebrate with his friend and left the dais.
They went up to the Serachle and were greeted by more applause. They had a quick meeting with the druid Bekaylin who turned out to be the Seraschal. They told the party all they knew about Lagwyn and the plans for the paryt, but had little to offer. The led the party to do business with the Tymora-connected merchant house known as Axe & Anchor company to secure invitations for Daebor and Quill.

The group sold the dagger Quill recovered and used the proceeds to host a party on the rocks for the Dokken and the urchins.

An Early Exit

We reconvened immediately after the crack of the chain lightning went off. Ayelin and Keller had Dimension Doored free of the palace leaving Haikar, Daebor and Quill to find their own way out. They quickly ran to the cover of trees at the edge of the manicured lawns as soldiers arrived to gather the guests back together. Quill climbed on Haikar’s back as they scurried from tree to tree to avoid detection. Quill summoned an air elemental to rush off in a different direction to harry the soldiers waving torches through the shady copse.

As they approached close, one human guardsman shouted at them to hold their movements. Instead, Quill fired off Black Tentacles at them, and Daebor followed up with an Aqueous Orb, and our heroes ran for it. Reaching the base of the wall, Haikar sent up the rope of climbing and Quill cast Gaseous Form on Daebor. In a hail of crossbow bolts and Scorching Rays our heroes clambered to the top of the keep wall (at least Haikar and Quill did, the Gaseous Sorcerer moved 10’ per round).

Once atop, they were greeted by a troop of guards led by two tieflings. Haikar squared off against one wielding two matched blades. They were nearly done in by a pit that appeared under their feet, but both leaped to safety. Quill sent off a lightning bolt and Haikar held his ground as Daebor slowly made his way up the wall. When he was close, Haikar leapt to the far side of the pit and nearly fell in— only grasping the edge in desperation. Quill returned the sorcerer to solid form while Haikar climbed up from the lip of the pit. In a continuing rain of crossbow bolts, scorching rays and magic missiles (most of which landed on Daebor) they jumped off the side of the wall and disappeared into the blackness.

Feather falling into the sea below, our heroes chose the sea route and swam away from shore. Steering clear of an encampment of Sargassan sea elves they continued up the coast a few miles to find a secluded place to hide out and meet the Selkie.

Meanwhile, Keller and Ayelin were ‘casually’ making their way through town back to the Reliquary, to take the portal in his broom closet back to their ship.

Who Let The Dogs Out (11/10/972 CR)

Shifting back up to the top of the rock, Ayelin and Keller strode purposefully down to the Reliquary. They kept out of the path, as guards hurried back to the keep. When they reached the third tier they noted ordered groups of creatures making their way to the Serachle. They decided that it was not their fight and continued to make their way down to the docks, with a strange feeling that something approved of that decision.

They bluffed their way past the guards watching the stairs to the dockside and kept clear of the many large groups gathering near the quays. They met with a trio of acolytes who offered to provide a distraction. They agreed to let them follow, but luckily did not need them to do anything rash. When they reached the widest area of Saltmeadow, a district of warehouses and shipyards, they let their shadow go and aid the fight up at the Serachle.

Pzo1115 aqueous orbAs they made their way through the warehouses they became aware of a chilling howling on the air. It got louder and they decided to abandon the Reliquary and make their way to sea. When they got to the edge of the boardwalks they noted to ghastly hounds charging across the water at them. They quickly took the battle to the tide pools, and tried to escape the dogs. The Yeth Hounds snapped and tore at them from above while they tried to swim away. Ayelin was caught in an underwater sleet storm and Keller’s healing could barely keep pace with the damage. When Keller was caught in a storm of his own, he cast obscuring mist in the swirling water to avoid detection. He tried to flee underwater and was shredded by spikes on the weeds.

Ayelin turned and fought off the hounds. Keller rose to the surface, drank a potion of Expeditious Retreat, and cast Hold Person on the hound-shaped druid. The druid froze and Keller made a break for it. The last hound followed, but was turned by a Command. With this opportunity they dove back beneath the surface and swam out to sea to meet the others.


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