Red Jack

Pirate Lord of the Tortilles


Artofpirates pg 34 webA mysterious figure who arrived on the Tortillan waters just a few months before the Long Night, he has still managed to generate a fearful reputation in the face of a world in chaos.

Little is known of Jack as there are few survivors of encounters with him. It is said he always strikes in the dead of night and is wreathed either in crimson flames or shadowy snakes. He offers no quarter and either kills victims outright or tranforms them into the abominations that crew his fleet.

He is almost never seen in port, although there are rumors of him frequenting some depraved bawdy houses on Gamaar.

There are many raiders and pirates who allied with Red Jack and it is said that he could rally over 100 ships to his blood-soaked banner. His financial (and diplomatic) affairs have been managed by the scurrilous merchant Kharsus Fantoul.


Red Jack

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