Kharsus Fantoul

Double-dealing merchant and undead scourge


Dracolich 9794Once known as an unscrupulous Donoran merchant for Six Coffers Trading Coster, Kharsus as changed into something far more sinister. When he was last seen ha had the dried lifeless aspect of a corpse and was riding a skeletal wyvern.

It is widely thought that he handles the business affairs for the pirate lord Red Jack, and his name is heard widely throughout the Tortilles, although his face (and current aspect) and not as well known.

His base is atop a slender spire of rock that rises from the deep water channel known as the Pillar of Polus.

He was last seen on Prosperity Cay leading a zombie force against the halfling colonists, and abducting their leader, Rollo.


Kharsus Fantoul

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