Storm priest and sorcerer


Thin and wiry, Daebor looks like many of fisher-folk around Marigot. And his worn garments, matted hair and collection of bags, packs and satchels do little to argue against the point. Even his battered shield and trident seem to reinforce the image of a simple shoreman.

Only the far-away look in his eye, the faint smell of ozone and the way others’ hair stands when he is near would make you think any different. If he removed his cloak and you saw the scarred lightning bolt brand across his back, you would be sure. This otherwise unremarkable creature has been touched by the storm.


Once a simple fisherman (and not a praticularly gifted one) Daebor’s life changed in a storm near the village of Marigot. He washed off the deck in the tumult and was lost at sea, only to come crawling from the surf three days later.

He had no memory of these lost days and seemed oddly different. Fearing his soul taken the StormLord, the Marigotians branded him in Talos name and abandoned him. With nowhere else to go, he lingered around the edges of the village and began preaching the word of Talos, although with his own personal spin. He believed that like most of the Serachle, Talos wished well for humanity and was testing them in preparation for trials to come. And with the strange powers manifesting in the young man, it was hard to argue against his point.

So he lived in forced hermitage, preaching his gospel and trying to prepare the villagers for a coming storm like no other. When the long night occurred, once again his message proved timely.
Even so, few would listen in the little traveled waters around Marigot. When he heard of outlanders trying to wrest the halls of Dun Sabrak from the tieflings he rand to their side.

The rest, he supposes, will be history.


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