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Come aboard to a world in splinters.

It has been only 18 months since the Long Night, and civilization’s flickering candle is in danger of being snuffed out.

Since those portals opened and the invaders forces poured out to crush whatever lay in their path, everything has changed. Old empires and ancient rivalries have been wiped away as alien rulers placed bloody crowns on their heads. The gods stood silent as new forces laid claim to this world and poisoned these fair isles with their corruption.

Even the land has been altered, as the sea once known as the Hesperean has been ripped from the world it once knew and now floats in some ill-understood no-man’s-land in the void. Whether this was done to save it, or to remove it like a diseased limb to save others, is not known.

What is known is that mankind is being subjugated by creature’s not of this world, and that a creeping chaos is spreading its poison across the waves. What is also known is that there are some who are not ready to surrender, and who are willing to fight and die to try to make their world whole again.

Welcome to the Shattered Sea.

The Shattered Sea

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